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SubjectRe: [PATCH] dynamic tick patch
* Benjamin Herrenschmidt <> [050118 21:29]:
> Hrm... reading more of the patch & Martin's previous work, I'm not sure
> I like the idea too much in the end... The main problem is that you are
> just "replaying" the ticks afterward, which I see as a problem for
> things like sched_clock() which returns the real current time, no ?

Well so far I haven't found problems with time. Since sched_clock()
returns the hw time, how does it cause a problem? Do you have some
example in mind? Maybe there's something I haven't even considered

> I'll toy a bit with my own implementation directly using Martin's work
> and see what kind of improvement I really get on ppc laptops.

I'd be interested in what you come up with :)

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