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SubjectRe: patch to fix set_itimer() behaviour in boundary cases
On Sad, 2005-01-15 at 09:30, Andrew Morton wrote:
> Matthias Lang <> wrote:
> These are things we probably cannot change now. All three are arguably
> sensible behaviour and do satisfy the principle of least surprise. So
> there may be apps out there which will break if we "fix" these things.
> If the kernel version was 2.7.0 then well maybe...

These are things we should fix. They are bugs. Since there is no 2.7
plan pick a date to fix it. We should certainly error the overflow case
*now* because the behaviour is undefined/broken. The other cases I'm not
clear about. setitimer() is a library interface and it can do the basic
checking and error if it wants to be strictly posixly compliant.

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