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SubjectRe: 2.6.11-rc1-mm1
On Fri, 14 Jan 2005, Andrew Morton wrote:

> - Added the Linux Trace Toolkit (and hence relayfs). Mainly because I
> haven't yet taken as close a look at LTT as I should have. Probably neither
> have you.

Just a few things from a quick look;

- What's with all the ltt_*_bit? Please use the ones provided by the

- i see cpu_has_tsc, can't you use sched_clock?

- ltt_log_event isn't preempt safe

- num_cpus isn't hotplug cpu safe, and you should be using the
for_each_online_cpu iterators

- code style, you have large hunks of code with blocks of the following
form, you can save processor cycles by placing an if (incoming_process)
branch earlier. This code is in _ltt_log_event, which i presume executes

if (event_id == LTT_EV_SCHEDCHANGE)
incoming_process = (struct task_struct *) ((ltt_schedchange *) event_struct)->in);

if ((trace->tracing_gid == 1) && (current->egid != trace->traced_gid)) {
if (incoming_process == NULL)
return 0;
else if (incoming_process->egid != trace->traced_gid)
return 0;
... [ more of the same ]
if ((trace->tracing_uid == 1) && (current->euid != trace->traced_uid)) {
if (incoming_process == NULL)
return 0;
else if (incoming_process->euid != trace->traced_uid)
return 0;
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