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SubjectRe: [PATCH] [request for inclusion] Realtime LSM
>> Paul.  Everyone agrees with you.  I think.  We just need to work out
>> the best way of doing it.
>> Would I be right in suspecting that we know what to do, but nobody has
>> stepped up to write the code? It's kinda looking like that?
>I thought I made it clear i had already volunteered. I was after a
>response to my proposal for how to do it.

I think your proposal is a good (maybe even excellent) one, but it
somewhat sidesteps the issue (which may be the best thing to
do). Rather than answering the question "how best to allow regular
users access to SCHED_FIFO", it says "lets offer regular users
SCHED_ISO which is essentially identical to SCHED_FIFO unless tasks
running SCHED_ISO use too much cpu time".

its a fine answer, but its the answer to a slightly different
question. if anyone (maybe us audio freaks, maybe someone else) comes
up with a reason to want "The Real SCHED_FIFO", the original question
will have gone unanswered.

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