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SubjectRe: propolice support for linux
Arjan van de Ven wrote:
> you haven't commented on the "why is this useful for the kernel"
> question I asked,

You didn't ask this question, and I did comment.

> can you point out a single kernel buffer overflow ??

Let's ask Edsger Dijkstra :-)

``Program testing can be used to show the presence of bugs, but
never to show their absence! -- Edsger Dijkstra, [1972]''

I get your point though, but since it can't do any harm let us
paranoid freaks have a proper patch at the least.

> (I know userspace has them; I'm asking you specifically about
> kernel space since you provide a patch useful for kernel space
> only)

Well I suggest it here as well:

But got zero replies. Could you be so kind to point out to these
people it's a good idea?

# Han
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