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    SubjectRe: thoughts on kernel security issues

    On Thu, 13 Jan 2005, Alan Cox wrote:
    > > - _short_ embargo, for kernel-only. I obviously believe that vendor-sec
    > > is whoring itself for security firms and vendors. I believe there would
    > > be a place for something with stricter rules on disclosure.
    > Seems these two could be the same list with a bit of respect for users
    > wishes and common sense.

    Possibly. On the other hand, I can well imagine that the list of
    subscribers is different for the two cases. The same way I refuse to have
    anything to do with vendor-sec, maybe somebody else refuses to honor even
    a five-day rule, but would want to be on the "no rules, but let's be clear
    that we're all good guys, not gray or black-hats.

    Also, especially with a hard rule, there's just less confusion, I think,
    if the two are separate. Otherwise you'd have to have strict Subject: line
    rules or something - which basically means that they are separate lists

    But hey, it's not even clear that both are needed. With a short enough
    disclosure requirement, maybe people feel like the "five-day rule,
    possible explicitly _relaxed_ by the original submitter" is sufficient.

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