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SubjectLinux 2.6.10-ac9
Arjan van de Ven is now building RPMS of the kernel and those can be found
in the RPM subdirectory and should be yum-able. Expect the RPMS to lag the
diff a little as the RPM builds and tests do take time.

Key: o - only in -ac
* - already fixed upstream
X - discarded later as wrong
+ - ac specific (fix not relevant to non -ac)

* 2.6.10 variant of the stack race fix (Alan Cox)
| Found by Paul Staretz
* Stronger ELF validity checks (Solar Designer)
* Add ATI SATA identifiers (Frederick Li)
o Update ATI PATA/SATA support (Frederick Li)
* Audit fixups (Steve Grubb, Roger Luethi)
* FPU/signal handling fix (Bodo Stroesser)
* nForce2 APIC/LAPIC errata fixup (Prakash Punnoor)
* Swap aacraid fix in -ac with 2.6.11rc base fix (Tom Coughlan)
* Connnection track/rst fix (Martin Josefsson)
o Format ide printk's more nicely (Gunther Mayer)
o Stallion serial resurrection (part one) (Wayne Meissner)
* Fix nls_ascii (Ogawa Hirofumi)
* Count writeback pages in nr_scanned (Rik van Riel)
| OOM fixing
o Revert ac97_patch changes (Jules Villard)
| with this change many users get no sound out
o Correct handling of some module parameter (Rusty Russell)

o I2O init/exit call fix (Randy Dunlap)
o More build ia-32 on x86-64 bits (Arjan van de Ven)
* NFS error path fixup (Bill Rugolsky)
o Swap the coda fix in ac7 with the official (Jan Harkes)
authors fix
o Fix some problematic ptrace/kill interactions (Roland McGrath)
o Fix ptrace/coredump problems with threaded (Roland McGrath)

+ Fix failure at boot with some setups and ac6 (Alan Cox)
| Dumb bug indeed
o Fix random poolsize sysctl (Brad Spengler)
o Fix scsi_ioctl leak (Brad Spengler)
o Fix rlimit memlock (Brad Spengler)
o Fix Moxa serial (Alan Cox)
| While moxa won't actually even build on 2.6 the grsecurity fix
| is wrong (for 2.2, 2.4 as well). Without it being CAP_SYS_RAWIO
| a user can insert alternative bios firmware into the card.

+ Fix ide-pnp build (Alan Cox)
o do_brk security fixes (Marcelo Tosatti)
| slightly reworked
o Fixes for Coverity Inc reported bugs (Alan Cox)
- coda_pioctl
- xfs_attrmulti_by_handle
- br_ioctl
- rose_rt_ioctl
- sdla_xfer
o Improve the no-overcommit behaviour (Andries Brouwer)

+ Remove obsolete usb_unlink_urb in pwc (Alan Cox)
| From instructions by Dwaine Garden
* Subset of ALSA updates to fix sound bugs in .10 (Takashi Iwai)
| This is the set Takashi kindly identified as being
| worth applying for 10-ac.
o First run at merging ISI and base isicom driver (Alan Cox)
into a working 2.6 driver
+ IDE mode selection fixes for IT821x PIO (Alan Cox)
| Bug noted by Bartlomiej
o Fix a 32bit compatibility error in the cmsg (Olaf Kirch)
check logic
* Hopefully fix CD-ROM autoclose (Stas Sergeev)
o Disable sidewinder debugging spew (Michael Marineau)
o Openprom fixes (Al Viro)
o Fix cosa module crash on load (Jan Kasprzak)
o Add the build environment bits to kernel (Kevin Fenzi)
make rpm output
* Fix megaraid unload oops (Al Viro)
* Make gconfig work with current gtk 2.4 (J Magallon)
* Fix harmless parport overflow by one (Alexander Nyberg)
* Fix drivers that put a '/' in /proc/irq/.. (Olaf Hering)

o Initial fixes for /dev/tty v setsid() crash (Alan Cox)
[/dev/tty v vhangup needs more work]
+ Fixed AGP compile on ia-32 (Arjan van de Ven)
+ PPC fixes (Dave Jones)
o Document irqpoll/irqfixup (Alan Cox)
o IBM ACPI reference __exit unsafely (Arjan van de Ven)
o Allow pwc to be compiled into the kernel (Christian Hesse)

* Fix a pile of mmc warnings/errors (Russell King)
* Fix acpi video memory corruption (Linus Torvalds)
* Fix module param breakage in parport_pc (Randy Dunlap)
* Intel ICH7 IDE support and $PIR support (Jason Gaston)
o Intel ICH7 SATA support (Jason Gaston)
o Intel ICH7 I2C support (Jason Gaston)
o Fix an IDE CD-ROM crash/BUG case (Prarit Bhargava)
* Swap -ac AGP annotations for head AGP fixes (Dave Jones,
Bjorn Helgaas,
Masao Takahashi)
o Add proper delaying/sleeping ide_pci_unregister (Alan Cox)
o Do the same for PCMCIA (ide_cs) and ISA PnP (Alan Cox)
o Use msleep for ide-cd and ide-cs (Nishanth Aravamudan)
o Fix missing type in lapic_shutdown (Miael Pettersson)
o Fix some missing build dependancies for CX88 (Adrian Bunk)
o Move pwc to use remap_pfn_range (Arjan van de Ven)

o Fix printk fixes for geometry free drives (Alan Cox)
| Found by Bartlomiej
o Bartlomiej's requested cleanups for IT8212 (Alan Cox)
X Drop unneeded i810 audio patch
X Drop useless kmalloc size patch
+ Fix proposed ide ISA v PIO change to work (Alan Cox)
| Bug noted by .. everyone
* Backport mxser compile fix (Al Viro)
* Backport via acpi irq routing fixes (Len Brown, Shaohua Li)
| Replaces the old -ac fix
* Backport further aacraid chipset support (Mark Haverkamp)
* ULi 5281 support (Peer Chen)
* Backport several libata fixes notably problems (Albert Lee)
with PDC20275
o FW_LOADER is needed by several dvb devices (Michal Feix)
o Add IT8211 PCI identifiers to IT8212 and (Alan Cox)
rename driver and functions it iT821x
| Thanks to Philipp Imhof for the IT8211 idents
o Clean up and merge LAN M526X support (Clear Zhang)
| 2.6 port/slight tidy done on the original

o Revert AX.25 protocol breakage (Alan Cox)
o Remove bogus obsolete option junk from 2.6.10 (Alan Cox)
ide changes
| Options are often useful, so should be kept.
| Especially stuff like serialize
o Fix bogus dma_ naming in the 2.6.10 patch (Alan Cox)
o Initial CS5520 fixups for VDMA and 2.6.10
| Must set vdma flag before command issue
| ?? could we just set it at boot and leave it - probably (check)

Forward ported from 2.6.9-ac
o Smbfs improved parsing fixes (Chuck Ebbert)
o Fix several IDE drivers that assumed > 0 was (Alan Cox)
also an error return for pci probe functions
* Fix sys5 semaphore wakeups (Manfred Spraul)
o Suggest irqpoll when we get screaming irqs (Alan Cox)
o Fix reset problems with older 3c59x/3c90x (John Linville)
o Configurable 100/1Khz clock for x86 (James Bottomley)
| 100Hz is great for battery life
o Delkin cardbus IDE support (Mark Lord)
o IT8212 IDE support (Alan Cox)
X Add more AC97 table data
o Token ring locking fix
o Fix URL for lanana (Alexander Stohr)
X Add a 1620 byte slab cache for ethernet frames (Arjan van de Ven)
* EDD boot options (Matt Domsch)
o Don't probe legacy ISA ide2,3,4,5 on PCI boxes (Alan Cox)
o Restore PWC driver (Luc Saillard)
| Please port away from remap_page_range
o Fix AT2701FX AMD PCnet32 on fibre (Guido Guenther)
* Fix build of CS461x gameport (Adrian Bunk)
o Fix crash with aacraid double complete (Mark Salyzyn, Tom Coughlan,
Alan Cox)
* Fix getblk_slow hang (Chris Mason)
+ Fix SMP hang with IDE unregister (Mark Lord)
o Working IDE locking (Alan Cox)
| And a great deal of review by Bartlomiej
o Allow IDE to grab all unknown generic IDE (Alan Cox)
devices (boot with "all-generic-ide")
o More ATI IDE PCI identifiers (Enrico Scholz)
o Initial patch for ide_abort hang (Alan Cox)
o Fix serveral ide timing violations on reset (Alan Cox)
* Support CSB6-R Serverworks raid (Alan Cox)
o Teach ide-cd to use sense data for file system (Alan Cox)
- This means you get better diagonstics on CD errors
- It means a partial I/O failure will get you back the ok sectors
- It may fix the problem some users have with ISO copying and ide-cd
o Lock ide-proc against driver unload (Alan Cox)
(very low severity)
o Fix ide /proc and legacy devices problem (Alan Cox)
* Watchdog support for early cobalt ALi hardware (Mike Waychison)
* Make sx8 naming follow LANANA (Jeremy Katz)
* Don't warn on scsi ioctl kmalloc fail (Arjan van de Ven)
* Fix Paul Laufer's email address (Paul Laufer)
* Fix misleading microcode message (Arjan van de Ven)
o Allow cross compile of x86_32 kernel on x86_64 (Arjan van de Ven)
o Kill "open failed" cdrom message. (Alan Cox)
| This is a natural event from code poking around
| doing CD detection etc
* Minor typo fix in cdrom driver (efalk@google)
* Add support for newer ALi AGP (Clear Zhang)
o Handle E7xxx boxes with USB legacy flaws (Alan Cox)

Cleanups in porting
o Drop ->taskfile hooks in the IDE layer (Alan Cox)
(->fixup replaces)
o Fix up IT8212 for 2.6.10 ide_use_dma cleanups (Alan Cox)
and other 2.6.10 cleaning

Dropped for now
o VIA extra quirk
o HP Cardbus routing fixup

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