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    SubjectRe: Sparse LUN scanning - 2.4.x
    Jim Zajkowski wrote:

    > On 2005-01-11 19:07:53 -0500, Michael Clark <>
    > said:
    >>> The problem is this: since LUN 0 does not show up -- specifically,
    >>> it can't read the vendor or model informaton -- the kernel SCSI scan
    >>> does not match with the table to tell the kernel to do sparse LUN
    >>> scanning... so the RAID does not appear.
    >> Add the Xserve with the BLIST_SPARSELUN flag into the
    >> blacklist/quirks table in drivers/scsi/scsi_scan.c
    > It already is in the quirks list.
    > The problem is that LUN 0 does not show up on this machine, so the
    > quirks table doesn't work. Looking at /proc/scsi/scsi shows the
    > device but only sorta:

    Okay. I believe there is a patch floating around for 2.4 that is used in
    some of the other distro's kernels that adds REPORT LUNS scanning as
    well as a flag to force LUN scanning (although not sure it works if LUN
    0 is not present).

    A pragmatic solution may be to just add the echo scsi add-single-device
    x x x x > /proc/scsi/scsi into your early boot or configure one of your
    slices on LUN 0 (if the Xserve RAID allows that). 2.6 (and RHEL 4)
    support the REPORT LUNS so should work there although there are some
    messages on linux-scsi about the Xserve RAID's specific handling of LUN
    0. Probably good idea to post to linux-scsi.


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