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    SubjectRe: thoughts on kernel security issues
    * Florian Weimer ( wrote:
    > * Greg KH:
    > >> In other words, if you allow embargoes and vendor politics, what would the
    > >> new list buy that isn't already in vendor-sec.
    > >
    > > vendor-sec handles a lot of other stuff that is not kernel related
    > > (every package that is in a distro.) This would only be for the kernel.
    > I don't know that much about vendor-sec, but wouldn't the kernel list
    > contain roughly the same set of people?


    > vendor-sec also has people
    > from the *BSDs, I believe, but they should probably notified of Linux
    > issues as well (often, similar mistakes are made in different
    > implementations).

    Take a look at <>. Pretty
    good description. It's normal for projects to have their own security
    contact to handle security issues. Once it's vetted, understood,'s normal to give vendors some heads-up.

    > If the readership is the same, it doesn't make sense to run two lists,
    > especially because it's not a normal list and you have to be capable
    > to deal with the vetting.

    It's not the same readership.

    Linux Security Modules
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