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SubjectRe: [PATCH] schedstats additions
Rick Lindsley wrote:
> I have a patch here to provide more useful statistics for me. Basically
> it moves a lot more of the balancing information into the domains instead
> of the runqueue, where it is nearly useless on multi-domain setups (eg.
> It requires a version number bump, but that isn't much of an issue because
> I think we're about the only two using it at the moment. But your tools
> will need a little bit of work.
> What do you think?
> The idea of moving some counters from runqueues to domains is fine in
> general, but I've some questions about a couple of specific changes in
> your patch.
> It looks to me like there are some changes in try_to_wake_up() that
> aren't schedstats related, although schedstats code is among some
> that is moved around. Is there some code there that should be
> broken out separately?

There is, yes. I'll be sure to seperate it.

> alb_cnt
> by moving this, we won't get an accurate look at the number of
> times we called active_load_balance and returned immediately
> because nr_running had slipped to 0 or 1. how about we add
> another counter to count that too, and/or change the name of
> this one?


> lb_balanced
> are you sure lb_balanced[idle] can't be deduced from lb_cnt[idle]
> and lb_failed[idle]?

I don't think so, because you also have the success case, which is
!balanced && !failed.

> ttwu_attempts
> ttwu_moved
> removing these makes it harder to determine how successful
> try_to_wake_up() was at moving a process. What counters would
> I use to get this information if these were removed?

ttwu_cnt in the rq stats, and ttwu_wake_affine / ttwu_wake_balance
in the domain stats.

> ttwu_remote
> ttwu_wake_remote
> so what's the one line description of what these count now?

ttwu_remote/ttwu_wake_remote are the number of times a runqueue has
woken a remote task / a remote task within that domain, respectively.
Regardless of whether or not it gets pulled onto the local CPU.

> smt_cnt
> sbe_cnt
> how might I see how often sched_migrate_task() and sched_exec()
> were called if these were deleted?

sbe_pushed should basically be the same as smt_cnt, barring rare
races with the cpus_allowed mask. I guess sbe_cnt doesn't have to

> lb_pulled
> Rather than add another counter here, would it be as effective
> to make pt_gained a domain counter? Looks like you're collecting

Yeah removing the runqueue counters for these would be good.

> the same information. pt_lost would have to remain a runqueue
> counter, though, since losing a task has nothing to do with a
> particular domain.

Whatever domain that the pulling CPU was in, is also a fair candidate
for pt_lost. Remember, all the domains are per-CPU so any information
you can get from a per-runqueue counter you can also get from a domain

I'll make a few changes and give you another look. Thanks for the comments.
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