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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/3] copyfile: generic_sendpage
    Christoph Hellwig wrote:
    >>>Could you give some context please?
    > Oh, I know what union mounts are. But I wonder who's hacking on them
    > as they need some major VFS surgey to get right.

    Ok, first sorry for the late reply. I'm working on a vfs-based
    union-mount implementation for linux. The focus is on the basic
    functionality explained by McKusick [1] without a need for a new
    separate filesystem, without options like "before". "after", "in
    between" or something like that, with permanent whiteouts if the fstype
    supports them. For the copyup I plan to use Jörn's patch.
    At the moment some basic stuff (actually the unions) is working, so you
    actually can "see" something but I don't think that the patches are
    ready for being posted now. Please relax and wait a few weeks because I
    have to go back to university for some final exams. After that I'm back
    for some more full-time hacking on union-mounts.


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