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SubjectRe: New proposed DRM interface design
Some examples of merging are turning two independent radeon
personality modules into a single one. Another thing I need to do is
to extract the printk support from the core fb module and put it
somewhere I can get to it from DRM. We can't have two cores trying to
attach to the same device and then doing takeover_console().

Mode setting will be a lot of new code since Alan's proposed design
doesn't match any of the existing solutions. I will try to reuse
snippets where I can.

On Mon, 06 Sep 2004 22:38:05 +0100, Hamie <> wrote:
> Alright... So you have drm at the lower level, and the fb sits ontop of
> that... The fb just becomes a user of the DRM... No merge necessary
> then, because all the actual hardware access, memory allocation etc
> would live in drm? Is that right? And all the 2D code would also move
> into the DRM? (IIRC the DRM just has 3D stuff in it yes? IMO It would
> made sense to have all the acceleration & hardware access in the DRM
> together rather than in a separate place... Correct?)

Jon Smirl
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