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SubjectRe: why do i get "Stale NFS file handle" for hours?
På må , 06/09/2004 klokka 05:57, skreiv David Woodhouse:

> The fact that we require a persistent table of exports at all, and can't
> call back to mountd to authenticate 'new' clients instead of just
> telling them to sod off if the kernel doesn't already know about them,
> is considered by some to be a bug in knfsd.

That should have been fixed in 2.6.x. If you do mount /proc/fs/nfsd, and
use a recent enough version of mountd, then knfsd can and will work
without any extra help from exportfs.

The one problem I have found with this implementation is that it relies
very heavily on reverse-DNS lookups, so it may give unexpected results
if you have more than one name for your client. I can't see why that
shouldn't be fixable, though...


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