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    SubjectRe: [sched] fix sched_domains hotplug bootstrap ordering vs. cpu_online_map issue
    James Bottomley wrote:

    >Well this patch got in, which is what I want, since it allows the
    >non-NUMA machines to work with hotplug CPUs again. However, is anyone
    >actually looking to fix this for real?

    I think someone else (tm) is looking at it :)
    Some of the IBM hotplug guys I think.

    >The fundamental problem is that NUMA or the scheduler (or both) are
    >broken with regard to hotplug.
    >The origin of the breakage is the differences between cpu_possible_map
    >and cpu_online_map. In hotplug CPU, there are two ways to do
    >initialisations: you can initialise from cpu_online_map, but then you
    >*must* have a cpu hotplug notify listener to add data structures for the
    >extra CPUs as they come on-line, or you can initialise from
    >cpu_possible_map and not bother with a notifier. The disadvantage of
    >the latter is that cpu_possible_map may be vastly larger than
    >cpu_online_map ever gets to, thus wasting valuable kernel memory.
    >The scheduler code is schizophrenic in this regard in that it does both:
    >it initialises static data structures from cpu_possible_map, but it also
    >has a hotplug cpu listener for starting things like the migration
    >I suspect the NUMA people would like us all to go to the former method
    >(initialise only from cpu_online_map and have a proper hotplug listener)
    >since their possible maps are pretty huge. However, which is it to be:
    >fix NUMA (to have two cpu_to_node() maps for the possible and online
    >cpus per node) or fix the scheduler to do initialisation correctly?
    >Perhaps this should be phased: change NUMA first temporarily for phase
    >one and then fix the scheduler (and everyone else initialising from
    >cpu_possible_map) in the second.

    The scheduler *should* be able to be fixed nicely by using cpu_online_map
    everywhere, and basically undoing then redoing the domains setup before and
    after the hoplug, respectively.

    So you'd re-attach the dummy domain to all CPUs, do the hotplug operation,
    then setup the domains again and re-attach them.

    This whole sequence could be pretty expensive, but I don't think the hotplug
    guys care. It would allow us to get rid of cpus_and(... cpu_online_map)
    from a
    lot of places in the scheduler too, which would be nice.

    The actual code to do it shouldn't be more than a few lines (but I could be
    overlooking something).

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