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SubjectRe: [Umbrella-devel] Re: Getting full path from dentry in LSM hooks
Just forgot something:

Horst von Brand wrote:
>> furthermore, you could
>>specify that attachments executed _from_ the emailprogram would not have
>>access to the network.
> I.e., no child of the email program could access the network, not even to
> answer a message. Sounds restrictive.
You misunderstood this. The restrictions are introduced by a "restricted
fork", to which you specify the restrictions the mext process should
have + those inherited from the parent. So if you execute an attachment
from the thread that views the email, THIS should be restricted from
e.g. addressbook and network.

Anyway, when you answer a message - in most cases you put the message in
an "outbox", which the main thread of the mail program sends, when told
to, and as the main thread is not restricted from the network
(supprise!) it will succeed in sending the mails.
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