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SubjectRe: [Umbrella-devel] Re: Getting full path from dentry in LSM hooks
Alan Cox wrote:
> On Gwe, 2004-09-03 at 21:05, Kristian Sørensen wrote:
>>If an email client receives an malformed email (like the countless
>>attacks on outlook), a simple restriction could be for the process
>>handeling the mail would be "$HOME/.addressbook", furthermore, you could
>>specify that attachments executed _from_ the emailprogram would not have
>>access to the network. Thus the virus cannot find mail addresses to send
>>itself to - and it cannot even get network access. Simple and effective.
> ln /tmp/bwhahaha $HOME/.addressbook
> more /tmp/bwhahaha
> As the nice man from the NSA said ;) label content not paths. Use xattrs
> to say "this is an addressbook" and then the path games go away.
Just as Christop Hellwig's suggestion (in this thread) this will not
work due to the placement of the LSM hooks :-) (he suggested making an
"mount -o bind").

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