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SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.9-rc3
Clemens Schwaighofer wrote:

> | And thats one of the reasons I never dl the bz2 version.
> what has bz2 to do with that?

Some people believe bz2 to be buggy or otherwise less tolerant of
corruption. For most people these things don't seem to come up; I've
never had problems with either despite frequent work with large
compressed datasets.

> | You should have started with a fresh unpack of 2.6.8, not
> | I just checked my scrollback and there is no such error here.
> well its a bit confusing. is the latest stable right, normaly
> patches are applied against the latest stable. Let's just hope this NFS
> fix is on the rc series if you have to apply against 2.6.8

Linus decided that patches will always be off the previous
non-extraversion tarball. Note that -rc3 is not relative to -rc2, so in
that way its consistent. The reason Linus gave is that such
trivial-but-important bugfixes may come *after* the next version has
releases or release cantidates, so this is the only sane way. For
example, if another tiny code bug motivated making a, the
release cantidates shouldn't have to be rediffed. Hopefully it makes
sense now :)

- Jim Bruce

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