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    SubjectRe: 2.6.9-rc2-mm4
    "J.A. Magallon" <> wrote:
    > On 2004.09.27, Andrew Morton wrote:
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > > - ppc64 builds are busted due to breakage in bk-pci.patch
    > >
    > > - sparc64 builds are busted too. Also due to pci problems.
    > >
    > > - Various updates to various things. In particular, a kswapd artifact which
    > > could cause too much swapout was fixed.
    > >
    > > - I shall be offline for most of this week.
    > >
    > I have a 'little' problem. PS2 mouse is jerky as hell, an when you mismatch
    > the protocol in X. Both in console and X.

    The above sentence is a bit hard to decrypt. Want to try again?

    Is this new behaviour? Is current -linus OK? Was 2.6.9-rc2-mm3 OK?

    > I'm lucky I have an usb mouse.
    > One other question. Isn't /dev/input/mice supposed to be a multiplexor
    > for mice ? I think I remember some time when I could have both a PS2 and
    > a USB mouse connected and X pointer followed both. Now if I boot with the
    > USB mouse plugged, the PS2 one does not work. If I boot with usb unplugged
    > and plug it after boot, both work; usb mouse works fine, and PS2 just
    > jumps half screen each time I move it, and with big delays.
    > Something is broken in PS2 handling ?
    > NOTE: they are not really standard protocol mice, but trackballs; PS2 one is
    > a Logitech TrackMan Marble FX, and the other a Cordless Trackman FX, usb.

    Suitable people added to Cc: ;)
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