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SubjectRe: New proposed DRM interface design
I might move stuff like AGP support into the core. The core is the most
OS specific piece of code. So anything that is very specific to the
kernel API should be in it.

I would split like this:
drm_core - OS specific code, all global things
drm_library - shared code, not OS specific

Then drm_core would always be bundled with the OS.

Is there any real advantage to spliting core/library and creating three
interface compatibily problems?

Stuff like this should probably be an inline...
#if LINUX_VERSION_CODE <= 0x020402
up( &current->mm->mmap_sem );
up_write( &current->mm->mmap_sem );

What about the VM page fault routines with 2.4 vs 2.6 differences?

Jon Smirl

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