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SubjectGetting full path from dentry in LSM hooks

I have a short question, concerning how to get the full path of a file
from a LSM hook.

- If the "file" of the dentry is located in the root filesystem: no
problem - simply traverse the dentrys, to generate the path.

- If the "file" is mounted from another partition, you do not get the
full path by traversing the dentrys.

If we have a system with a normal root (/) and a seperate boot partition
(mounted on /boot :). In the LSM hook inode_permission, you get the
arguments (struct inode *inode, int mask, struct nameidata *nd).
Finding the path, we traverse the dentrys from (nd->dentry). But if the
inode is a file in /boot we only get the filename (e.g. kernel-
instead of /boot/kernel-

Can some one reveal the trick to get the full path nomater if the
filesystem is root or mounted elsewhere in the filesystem?

Best regards,
Kristian Sørensen.
The Umbrella Project --
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