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    SubjectRe: lockup with voluntary preempt R0 and VP, KP, etc, disabled

    * Florian Schmidt <> wrote:

    > > best would be to enable the NMI watchdog (nmi_watchdog=1 (or 2) boot
    > > option) - check that it's working via the attached lockupcli.c
    > > userspace code (run it as root). To have an NMI watchdog you need
    > > APIC/IOAPIC support in the .config.
    > Hmm, my local APIC kinda sux and i had all kinds of trouble using it
    > [ERR count went up, stuff didn't work; XT-PIC always worked very well
    > here]. So i'm kinda reluctant to compile with APIC. I suppose i can
    > compile with it but turn it off via boot option? Or does the watchdog
    > need a APIC that actually does stuff?

    in theory you should be able to boot with just the local APIC enabled
    and "nmi_watchdog=2" and get a working NMI watchdog. You'll still have
    the normal PIC IRQ handling.

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