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SubjectRe: [patch] inotify: use the idr layer
+       spin_lock(&dev->lock);
+ ret = idr_get_new(&dev->idr, watcher, &watcher->wd);
+ spin_lock(&dev->lock);

I think you mean spin_unlock on the third line? Other than that I think
it should work.

On Tue, 2004-09-28 at 17:46, Robert Love wrote:
> OK, I told John I would post this ASAP, as soon as I finished testing
> it, but I got backed up, so here it is without much testing. It does
> compile fine.
> This patch removes our current bitmap-based allocation system and
> replaces it with the idr layer. The idr layer allows us to use a radix
> tree, rooted at each device instance, to trivially map between watcher
> descriptors and watcher structures. In idr terminology, the watcher
> descriptor is the id and the watcher structure is the pointer.
> Allocating a new watcher descriptor and associating it with a given
> watcher structure is done in the same place as before,
> inotify_dev_get_wd(). The code for doing this is a bit weird. The idr
> layer's interface leaves a bit to be desired.
> The function dev_find_wd() is used to map from a given watcher
> descriptor to a watcher structure. This used to be our least scalable
> function: O(n), but at a small fixed n, so you could call it O(1). Now
> it is O(lg n); n is still fixed, so you can still call it O(1).
> I also cleaned up some locking and added some comments.
> Like I said, I have not tested this, probably won't until tomorrow, but
> here it is to play with earlier if anyone so chooses. The idr layer is
> rather nice for this sort of thing.
> Patch is on top of all of my previous patches.
> Robert Love
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