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    Subject[PATCH 0/5]: usb-serial cleanup.
     Hi Greg,

    I did some trivial cleanup in usb-serial subsystem code

    The main change is the first patch, which moves the search
    in device list out of usb_serial_probe(). It is the first
    of some patches to make usb_serial_probe() more simple (today
    it is an very big function).

    I'm sending only one patch for usb_serial_probe() organization
    because I'm not certain if is the better/right thing to do, so,
    comments and flames are welcome. :)

    Well, hope some of the patches to be applyed.


    [PATCH 1/5]: usb-serial: Moves the search in device list out of usb_serial_probe().
    [PATCH 2/5]: usb-serial: create_serial() return value trivial fix.
    [PATCH 3/5]: usb-serial: return_serial() trivial cleanup.
    [PATCH 4/5]: usb-serial: usb_serial_register() cleanup.
    [PATCH 5/5]: usb-serial: Add module version information.

    OBS: The patches are against 2.6.9-rc2-mm4, because your last
    USB tree is there.

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