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SubjectRe: [PATCH/RFC] exposing ACPI objects in sysfs

> So, I think the library wrapper will need to deal with the 32/64 bit
> problem or we'll have to translate data structures to strictly defined
> sizes. Any other thoughts on how this could be done? I'm concerned
> about alignment issues too, so this is definitely an area that could use
> some work.

You can't count on library. On 32-bit only system, noone will debug
the library. Then 64-bit extensions came. 64-bit kernel has to be
binary compatible with 32-bit applications.

> > Perhaps ioctl is really right thing to use here? read() should not
> > have side effects and it solves 32/64 bit problem.
> If it solved the entire 32/64 bit problem, an ioctl would probably be
> the right choice. But it doesn't AFAICT. I also like how this
> implementation fits into the existing ACPI sysfs tree and that you can
> get useful info simply by cat'ing a file. Thanks,

Well, you also get nasty sideeffects by simply catting the
file. ioctl() does not solve entire 32/64 bit problem, but it at least
makes the problem solvable.
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