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SubjectRe: [patch] voluntary-preempt-2.6.9-rc1-bk4-R0
> Judging from these graphs, all of the latency issues are solved, at
> least on my UP hardware, and the latencies seem to be getting very close
> to the limits of what the hardware can do:
> The worst case latency is only 160 usecs, and the vast majority fall
> into the pattern from 0 to 120 usecs. All of the spikes above 120 are
> almost certainly caused by netdev_max_backlog. However these are not
> long enough to cause any problems with my workload; the lowest practical
> latency for audio work is around 0.66 ms (32 frames at 48khz).


A few weeks ago you wrote that "the worst latency I was able to trigger
was 46 usecs", now it's 160 usecs.

Ingo has done much work on his patches since then.

Why the worst latency is higher now? I presume that the latency
measurements technique are more accurate and the 46 usecs was


Best regards,

Eric St-Laurent

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