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SubjectRe: xilinx_sysace
On Mon, 6 Sep 2004 15:24:11 +0100, Jon Masters <> wrote:

> The driver works fine for me as a read only device but I'm still
> seeing occasional hard locks on writes (looks to be something not
> getting io_request_lock at the right moment - currently
> investigating). They use a kernel thread which just sits and
> compensates for the hardware not being able to signal when it is ready
> for a new request - and I think there's a race there.

It's as I thought on and off and then on again - the code checks out
ok (it's not pretty but it works) - and I seem to be getting unwanted
extra unhandled interrupts from the hardware. This driver needs a lot
of cleanup anyway - it doesn't handle these kinds of error state, nor
does it handle the removal of a mounted CompactFlash, and a dozen
other typical problems. I'll post a patch when I've solved the main
problem - moan at me by private mail if you're using this, having
similar issues, and feel like helping.

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