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SubjectRe: hotplug e1000 failed after 32 times
At 7:34 PM -0400 9/17/04, Jeff Garzik wrote:
>Even if you allocate and free board numbers as described, how
>precisely do you propose to predict which settings belong to which
>hotplugged board? Look at the problem, and you realize that the
>board<->setting association becomes effectively _random_ for any
>adapter not present at modprobe time.
>The best model is to set these settings via netlink/ethtool after
>registering the interface, but before bringing it up.

It's certainly true that the driver-local index isn't usable for the
association (not even if one remembers, say, the slot association,
since a card can presumably be moved).

Out of curiosity, though, isn't there a residual related problem, in
that a reinserted card gets a new eth# as well? Not insurmountable, I
suppose, but a bitch to automate.
/Jonathan Lundell.
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