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    SubjectRe: lost memory on a 4GB amd64
    On Fri, 17 Sep 2004, Sergei Haller (SH) wrote:

    SH> AW> No - thats what I use. Do you have MTRR support enabled?
    SH> yes.
    SH> AW> I'll send you my .config file; Perhaps you could try that.
    SH> I just had a look at it. tomorrow morning I'll try out some of the
    SH> options.

    I tried out many configurations of the kernel config, nothing helped.

    now I switched off SMP and it runs stable! So what am I to do about it?

    that's the summary:

    * if the memory is configured in one chunk (0-4gb) then the SMP kernel
    works, but I only have about 3.4 gb main memory. (I know why)

    * if the memory configuration is as follows: the first 3gb ar at the
    normal address range, the fourth gb is at the address range 4-5gb.
    then all 4gb are available (not quite -- a few mb ere missing, but
    thats ok) and
    - the SMP kernel panics as soon as I start X or allocate about 1.6gb of
    memory (maybe less would trigger that as well, that was the only test
    I ran) ahh, kernel compillation runs fine.
    - the non-SMP kernel runs stable.
    - memtest86 runs fine

    all kernels I mention are vanilla.

    What do you think? Is there anything I can do?

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