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    SubjectRe: lost memory on a 4GB amd64
    On Thursday 16 Sep 2004 15:09, you wrote:
    > AW> Typo? Tyan Thunder?
    > no, it's a tiger:

    Ah - ok; I thought the Tiger was their dual athlon board. Didn't realise they
    had a dual opteron version.

    I have a Thunder K8W.

    > AW> The option you mention should be set to 'Auto'
    > AW>
    > AW> Chipset->Northbridge->Memory Configuration->Adjust Memory = Auto
    > AW>
    > AW> but set
    > AW>
    > AW> Advanced->Cpu Configuration->MTRR Mapping = Continuous
    > I had "MTRR Mapping = Continuous" set all the time and tried "Adjust
    > Memory" in all three modes (Auto/manual/disabled) and manual with 1 and
    > 2gb size.
    > today I had discovered the MTRR option and changed it to "discrete".
    > tried "Adjust Memory" manually at 2gb.
    > the only working (but with loss of memory) combination seems to be "Adjust
    > Memory = disabled" and independant of "MTRR Mapping".
    > The only combination I didn't try is "MTRR Mapping=Discrete"+"Adjust
    > Memory= Auto". Will try tomorrow morning.

    On further investigation, The settings I mentioned, 'Auto' and 'Continuous'
    only work when running a 64bit kernel. Are you running a 32bit kernel?

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