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SubjectRe: udev is too slow creating devices
Greg KH wrote:
> Sitting and waiting is a band-aid, I agree. That's why we created the
> /etc/dev.d/ notifier system to fix this issue (that is there for systems
> that don't even use udev.)

Hello Greg!

[note that I really appreciate udev].

You said me to use dev.d, but really I don't see it as a working
solution. Maybe because I missinterpreted the documentation,
so maybe you can give me some hints.

Real case: distribution boot script.
It should work with non udev kernel, udev non modular kernel and
udev very modular kernel. The script load (directly or not) a module
and need the device impelmented by module.

Old behaviour (modprobe "waits" for the creation of device):
normal init.d script, with normal boot priorities.

New behaviour (dev.d). What I should do?
My init.d script is loaded with priority XX, so
I require that dev.d on my device is executed after
boot priority XX (else I don't have the needed
functionalities), also in case of non-udev or non modular kernel.
How should I implement script in dev.d/?

I see some design problems in dev.d/, or am I wrong?


PS: - What are the best (on topic) mailing list?
- What do other distributions?
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