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Subjectkeep the linux logo displayed on 2.6.7
Hi !

One year ago, I wanted to find a way to keep the linux logo displayed, and I
posted this:

Many thanks for the esc sequence hint !
But it seems there's something broken with it: if I send 'esc[10;20r'
- the scrolling region is now between lines 10 and 20
- but, the cursor is moved to 0,0 instead of line 10
- and the linux logo does not appear...
Bug or feature ??

James Simmons said 'Bug. Fixed in the latest kernel.', but with a 2.6.7, the
escape sequence has the same behavior and the logo does not appear. (cursor
moved to 0,0 instead of line 10).

Any ideas on how to really fix that bug ?


Ludovic DROLEZ Free&ALter Soft
152, rue de Grigy - Technopole Metz 2000 57070 METZ
tel : 03 87 75 55 21 fax : 03 87 75 19 26

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