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    SubjectRe: [PATCH]: Re: kernel 2.6.9-rc1-mm4 oops

    * Kirill Korotaev <> wrote:

    > >the BUG() is useful for all the code that uses next_thread() - you can
    > >only do a safe next_thread() iteration if you've locked ->sighand.

    > 1. I don't see spin_lock() on p->sighand->siglock in do_task_stat()
    > before calling next_thread(). And the check inside next_thread() permits
    > only one of the locks to be taken:
    > if (!spin_is_locked(&p->sighand->siglock) &&
    > !rwlock_is_locked(&tasklist_lock))
    > which is probably wrong, since tasklist_lock is always required!

    It's not 'wrong' in terms of correctness it's simply too restrictive for
    no reason. I agree that we should check for the tasklist lock only.

    > 2. I think the idea of checking sighand is quite obscure. Probably it
    > would be better to call pid_alive() for check at such places in proc,
    > isn't it?

    yeah, it's just as good of a check.

    > 3. And yes, now I agree that this check and BUG() prevented
    > next_thread() from walking through the deleted list_head in
    > tsk->pid_list.


    > But I would propose to reorganize these checks in next_thread() to
    > something like this:
    > if (!rwlock_is_locked(&tasklist_lock) || p->pids[PIDTYPE_TGID].nr == 0)
    > BUG();
    > the last check ensures that we are still hashed and this check is more
    > straithforward for understanding, agree?

    yep - please send a new patch to Andrew.

    > 4. If we do checks this way, then we can found strange proc numeric
    > results. Suppose, you have read the do_task_stat() and it iterated
    > through the threads and summed the times in this loop with
    > next_thread(). Next, the thread dies and you can read the results w/o
    > this loop and threads times, only this thread stats. Looks a bit
    > invalid. Don't you think so? Maybe we should return an error?

    i'd just skip filling out that statistics field - like my minimal patch

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