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SubjectRe: swsusp: kill crash when too much memory is free
On Sunday 12 of September 2004 22:42, Pavel Machek wrote:
> Hi!
> > > Hmm, I do not know what nForce3 is (it should use better name at the
> > > minimum), but that driver probably needs some work.
> >
> > It is the sound chip (ie snd-intel8x0). If I unload it after resume,
> > everything's fine and dandy. Moreover, if I unload it before suspend, the
> > box wakes up with no problems (of course, I have to unload the other
> > too, as I said before).
> >
> > However, I think the problem is with the hardware, not with the driver: if
> > sound driver is unloaded before suspend and loaded again after resume, the
> > box behaves as though it were loaded all the time (ie IRQ #5 goes mad).
> > there any boot options that may help get around this?
> Hmm, I do not think it is hardware problem.

You're right, it isn't. If the kernel is booted with pci=routeirq, the
problem goes away, as I've said already.

> Does snd-intel8x0 have any suspend/resume support?

It seems it doesn't, but frankly I haven't looked at the code.


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