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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] adding per sb inode list to make invalidate_inodes() faster
    Kirill Korotaev <> wrote:
    > Well for sure this bug can be triggered only on really big servers with
    > a huge amount of memory and cache size.
    > It's up to you whether to apply it or not. I understand your position
    > about 8 bytes, but probably it's just a question of using kernel,
    > whether it's a user or server system.
    > Probably we can introduce some config option which would trigger
    > features such as this one for enterprise systems.

    I am paralysed by indecision!

    It would be nice if we had evidence that more than one site in the world
    was affected by this :(

    I can't see an less space-consuming alternative here (apart from per-sb lru)

    > >> Also, the additional sizeof(struct list_head) is only a requirement
    > >> while the global inode LRU is maintained. I believed it would have
    > >> been beneficial to have localized the LRU to the sb also, which would
    > >> have maintained sizeof(struct inode0 at parity with current mainline.
    > >
    > > Could be. We would give each superblock its own shrinker callback and
    > > everything should balance out nicely (hah).
    > heh, and how do you plan to make per-sb LRU to be fair?

    Good point.
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