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Subjectf_ops flag to speed up compatible ioctls in linux kernel
Currently, on the x86_64 architecture, its quite tricky to make
a char device ioctl work for an x86 executables.
In particular,
1. there is a requirement that ioctl number is unique -
which is hard to guarantee especially for out of kernel modules
2. there's a performance huge overhead for each compat call - there's
a hash lookup in a global hash inside a lock_kernel -
and I think compat performance *is* important.

Further, adding a command to the ioctl suddenly requires changing
two places - registration code and ioctl itself.

However, if all ioctl commands for a specific device
are not passing around pointers and long longs,
(relatively common case), and sometimes even
if they are, this ioctl is 64/32 bit compatible -
so why isnt there a simple way to declare this fact?

Here's a patch that simply adds a flag field to f_ops
that will cause all ioctls to get forwarded directly to the
64 bit call.

If all ioctls are compatible for a character device, a flag just
has to be set there, before the device is registered.


diff -ruw linux- linux-
--- linux- 2004-08-14 13:55:31.000000000 +0300
+++ linux- 2004-09-01 09:52:10.126944256 +0300
@@ -392,7 +392,8 @@
goto out2;

- if (!filp->f_op || !filp->f_op->ioctl) {
+ if (!filp->f_op || !filp->f_op->ioctl ||
+ (filp->f_op->fops_flags & FOPS_IOCTL_COMPAT)) {
error = sys_ioctl (fd, cmd, arg);
goto out;
diff -ruw linux- linux-
--- linux- 2004-08-14 13:55:09.000000000 +0300
+++ linux- 2004-09-01 09:50:07.265622016 +0300
@@ -871,6 +871,7 @@
struct file_operations {
struct module *owner;
+ unsigned long fops_flags; /* Flags, listed below. */
loff_t (*llseek) (struct file *, loff_t, int);
ssize_t (*read) (struct file *, char __user *, size_t, loff_t *);
ssize_t (*aio_read) (struct kiocb *, char __user *, size_t, loff_t);
@@ -896,6 +897,8 @@
int (*dir_notify)(struct file *filp, unsigned long arg);

+#define FOPS_IOCTL_COMPAT 0x00000001 /* ioctl is 32/64 bit compatible */
struct inode_operations {
int (*create) (struct inode *,struct dentry *,int, struct nameidata *);
struct dentry * (*lookup) (struct inode *,struct dentry *, struct nameidata *);
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