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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] implement in-kernel keys & keyring management

    Greg KH <> wrote:
    > I think that if the /proc interface was moved over to sysfs (which is
    > where it should be), a number of these syscalls would go away.

    Well, I could move these two files into /sysfs. But just doing that wouldn't
    get rid of any of the system calls. To move these files into sysfs, should I
    create a "keys" subsystem?

    Can you elaborate as to what you envision? I wonder if you'd thinking that I
    should make every key a kobject and fan-out them out in a directory in sysfs
    somewhere. I really don't want to do that, though... kobject seems to add
    quite a large overhead that I'd rather avoid (a directory in sysfs for

    I could a keyfs filesystem, fan the keys out in there, but this would spawn
    more code than just a few new syscalls or prctls. However, I can't just
    pretend all keyrings are directories and all keys files and then use link()
    and unlink(). I'd need to be able to link() and unlink() directories. I could
    do it by representing two keyrings, as two adjacent directories, and then use
    symlink() to create a link between them.

    The main advantage of doing this, however, is that shell scripts would be able
    to modify their own keyrings without a utility program such as keyctl.c that I
    put up for download.

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