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SubjectRe: Locking scheme to block less

Rik van Riel wrote:
> On Mon, 9 Aug 2004, John Richard Moser wrote:
>>Currently, the kernel uses only spin_locks,
> Oh ? Haven't you seen the read/write locks in
> include/linux/spinlock.h or the lockless synchronisation
> provided by include/linux/rcu.h ?

No, last I looked was in 2.4, and it was a passing glance long ago.

>>If the kernel provided a read-write locking semaphore,
> Funny, it does. You're not looking at a 2.0 kernel, are
> you?
>>spin_read_to_write_lock(spin_rwlock_t *lock);

This is a read lock that will become a write lock. It allows other read
locks; but blocks write locks and other read_to_write locks. It is
blocked by write locks [and other read_to_write locks](sorry).
>>A read_to_write lock will block two such operations from occuring
>>concurrently, while still allowing read only operations AND still being
>>blocked when switched to write mode by both read and write operations.
> In fact, two threads trying to upgrade their read lock to a
> write lock simultaneously will block EACH OTHER, FOREVER.

What no, read that. It blocks write locks and other read_to_write
locks. It should have the above ammendment that it blocks other
read_to_write locks from beginning, although it is mentioned that this
DOES block its own kind. I guess I need to repete myself sometimes.

The point is to prevent operations that find an index on a linked list
to insert/remove at from altering while something could be reading.
Concurrent read locks can both find nearby indicies, then race for a
write lock, leaving the first to clobber the second.

With this type of semaphore (am I using this word correctly?), any
number of readlocks can exist concurrently with exactly one
read_write_lock, but will block that read_write_lock from transforming
to write mode. Similarly, only one read_write_lock can actually be
unblocked at any one time, to prevent these races.

> Sounds like an exceedingly bad idea to me ;)

I've seen bad things.

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