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SubjectRe: [Pcihpd-discuss] struct pci_bus, no release() function?
On Mon, 2004-08-09 at 01:45, Greg KH wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 02, 2004 at 03:15:28PM -0500, John Rose wrote:
> > At probe time, pci_scan_bus_parented() allocates and registers a struct
> > device for each PCI bus it scans. This generic device structure never
> > gets assigned a "release" function.
> >
> > Attempts to unregister such a PCI Bus at runtime result in a kernel
> > message like:
> > Device 'pci0001:00' does not have a release() function, it is broken and
> > must be fixed.
> You're right, that should be fixed. Care to send a patch? Should just
> be a 1 line change. You can tell no one else has tried to remove a root
> bus device before...
> > Are architectures free to assign their own release function for
> > "devices" associated with struct pci_bus?
> Why would they want to? It should just be set to pci_release_dev, like
> all other struct pci_dev devices are, right?

Root buses don't have an associated pci_dev struct, so this function
won't do. Is that specific to ppc64? Regardless, seems like we need a
special release func for this case.


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