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SubjectRe: Re: /dev/hdl not showing up because of fix-ide-probe-double-detection patch
On Mon, 09 Aug 2004 11:19:20 -0700, Tupshin Harper <> wrote:
> I originally thought that the problem might be not enough bytes being
> checked, but now I'm concerned that Maxtor has some problem with not
> having a proper serial number recorded for some drives. hdparm -i also
> show M0000000000000000000 for both of these drives. Below is the output
> of hdparm -i for the two drives, and below that, the output of catting
> /dev/ide/hdk and hdl.
> Doing a google search on "M0000000000000000000" shows that there have a
> been a handful of reports of maxtor drives showing this as the serial
> number, but I don't see any explanation of why.

The SN# is garbage in the ID block, I don't know why this is occurring
with our drives. I am going to forward this note to our program lead
for that product to see if he's aware of the issue. Unfortunately, if
the utility zone configuration is corrupt, I am not sure anything can
be done in the field to fix it... the drives might require an RMA. =/

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