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SubjectRe: [patch] kernel events layer

> > Should there be some sharing with the device naming of sysfs or are
> > will we introduce a new one? ie sysfs uses:
> >
> > devices/system/cpu/cpu0/<blah>
> >
> > Would it be a better way to have a version that takes struct kobject
> > to enforce consistency in the device naming scheme. This also means
> > userspace would automatically know where to look in /sys if futher
> > info was needed.
> No, we want to give an interface that matches the sort of provider URI
> used by object systems such as CORBA, D-BUS, and DCOP. We also do _not_
> want to put policy in the kernel.

Funny... you want to create new namespace and argue "no policy".

If you want to translate it to something URI-like, you should
do that in userspace.

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