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SubjectRe: Can not read UDF CD
> I tried session=0.
> This gives me the files form the first session, but I can only list
> them.
> I can not see their attributes ( size, permissions etc.. ) or read
> them.

This sounds exactly like the known bug, shared by 2.6.6 and 2.6.5,
fixed in 2.6.7, described previously as occurring for UDF discs written
to Linux from Windows:

ls works, but ls -l does not and cd does not.

> other session=x values fails to mount.

The dmesg for session=1 might interest us, but in any case, I vote we
try reasonably current code e.g. 2.6.7 or a cvs fetch of UDF.

> I put the ISO image and the udf checker outputs on BitTorrent,
> the torrent file is avaliable at

Excellent, now in theory I can try this myself.

> In case you don't have a BitTorrent client, one can be had at
> ( even a commandline version , written in python )

In practice I am not yet a BitTorrent client, thanks for this clear

>> Re: potential bug in udf
>> ... a new bug ...
> Upgraded to 2.6.7 - the problem is still there.

I hear 2.6.7 is by now old enough to have begun collecting known bugs.

Pat LaVarre

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