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SubjectRe: [2.6.8-rc2-mm2] swsusp results on a hp compaq nx7000
On Fri, Aug 06, 2004 at 10:11:07PM +0200, Pavel Machek wrote:
> Hi!
> > trying to get swsusp running on my hp compaq nx7000, I've noticed
> > following problems:
> > * echo 'platform' > /sys/power/disk
> > creates a syslog message: switching to platform, but a
> > cat /sys/power/disk
> > still says firmware. Other comments regard disk-writes by 'shutdown'
> > driver
> > * system calls acpi_*_shutdown to shutdown, but it's rebooting instead
> > of doing a system shutdown
> > * locking with regard to preemption seems so be broken
> > * ohci1394 seems to generate sporadic OOPs on resume (could be
> > preemption related)
> > * synaptics touchpad (PS/2 driver) stops working after resume
> > (sporadic, could also be preemption related)
> > * the AGP port driver suspends, but system is a lot slower (e.g. xterm
> > scrolling) after resuming
> > * enabled DRI drivers (radeon) doesn't work. I'm able to move the mouse
> > after resuming for a short time, after that the system locks up hard.
> > (the screen is generating snow crash even while moving the mouse).
> > The same behaviour can be observered when suspending/resuming from
> > vt, the computer crashes with the same symptoms after switchting to X
> > after resuming. This happens with the in kernel drm driver as with
> > the latest dri drivers (X in question is 6.7).
> > * radeonfb gives a "radeonfb: resumed" message on suspending. This may
> > be correct (if you suspend the driver and resume it afterwards to
> > display more on-screen), but it is a rather disturbing message.
> >
> > After all swsusp is a lot more useable compared to last time ?'ve tested
> > it. It is useable as "suspend if battery power gets low" - measure, but
> > rather unuseable for me for other things, as (normal 2D-) graphics
> > operations crawl after resuming. thanks for the good work.
> >
> Ugh, I was offline for a week and it will take me few days to catch
> up. This is valuable feedback, and you probably do want to mail it to
> lkml and Patrick Mochel.
> If you have time results with preempt disabled would be nice,
> too.

After i got some unreproduceable hangups on system boot I disabled preempt.
It may take some time until some of the problems (i.e. ohci1394) resurface.

> psmouse.proto=bare might help with synaptics.

will try that soon, but it rather seems to be some kind of strange interaction
with other modules..

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