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SubjectRe: PATCH: cdrecord: avoiding scsi device numbering for ide devices
Il sab, 2004-08-07 alle 14:17, Joerg Schilling ha scritto:
> >From: Martin Mares <>
> >> It seems that you are not really interested to understand how it works :-(
> >I am interested, but I life is too short to read the full docs of all existing
> >OS's. Can you give me at least a pointer to the relevant section?
> I already did! ---> "man path_to_inst"

... omissis ...

Could we start again this thread in a less polemical way ??

>From my point of view there are two problems:
1- linux device naming
2- linux cd-rom problems (real or not)

1- My experience with unices it's not so long however taking a HP-UX
course I liked very much having tools to scan for new hardware and a
unique device identification numbering however I don't understand why a
single device should have many different devices based on behavior (like
scd0/sg0, raw/not raw, video0/audio for a grabber and so on). A friend
of mine (not a Linux guru but a simple user) simply said "why there are
so many files in /dev ?"

2- since we all use cdrecord (and/or its library) to burn CDs under
Linux if cdrecord do not works under Linux users (me too) thinks that
Linux do not support well cd-burning. So scgcheck has to work. There are
also some recent mail on LKML about cd-burning problems (with firewire
and usb) so there are some problems... I experience "no error" errors
too (so I can confirm it's a real problem).


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