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SubjectRe: PATCH: cdrecord: avoiding scsi device numbering for ide devices

> You wanted to get a description in 'a few words' - this cannot be done.
> .... So I instucted you how to get the full desciption.
> You may of course look yourself for the documentation at
> It seems that you are not really interested to understand how it works :-(

I am interested, but I life is too short to read the full docs of all existing
OS's. Can you give me at least a pointer to the relevant section?

> If you behave this way, I tend to believe that you have a precasted opinion
> that you are not willing to change.

I think that most people around there tend to believe exactly the same about you :-)
But let's change that.

Most of all, I would like to know (I see I'm repeating myself, but I still
haven't seen an answer to that) what's so special about the SCSI-like devices,
that they would have to be addressed in a completely different way from the
other UNIX devices. For the classical SCSI, you might argue that addressing
by the physical topology is more realistic, but for ATAPI or USB disks,
the SCSI triplets have nothing to do with the physical topology.

Have a nice fortnight
Martin `MJ' Mares <>
Faculty of Math and Physics, Charles University, Prague, Czech Rep., Earth
Only dead fish swim with the stream.
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