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SubjectRe: [VM PATCH 2.6.8-rc1] Prevent excessive scanning of lower zone
Shantanu Goel wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> --- Andrew Morton <> wrote:
>>Shantanu Goel <> wrote:
>>>I emailed this a few weeks back to the list but it
>>>seems to have gotten lost...
>>It came through. I was unable to reproduce the
>>disproportional scanning
>>rate on almost exactly the same setup, so I parked
>>the problem for a while.
>>I do agree with the analysis though. The problem
>>_could_ occur. I dunno
>>why it happens for you and not for me...
> Actually, the analysis turned out to be not entirely
> correct. I think I have identified the offending
> code. Please see attached patch. It makes kswapd()
> skip zones which contain greater than "pages_high"
> pages.

You'd think so, but that isn't quite right. That blows
the incremental min thing in the page allocator.

I'm just about to send out a couple of patches for
comment on linux-mm, one of which should fix your problem.
I'll cc you on it.
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