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SubjectRe: HIGHMEM4G config for 1GB RAM on desktop?
[Resend because my fingers STILL type "" if I'm not
paying attention...]

> In practice, I suspect 2/2 will do exactly what you want ... and what
> 99.9% of people want actually ;-) We could add more options, but be sure
> to mark anything that's not 1GB aligned as not suitable for PAE (as the
> 0.5 split was).

But if you're using PAE, you've got > 4G of RAM, so there's no need to
be clever trying to avoid HIGHMEM options.

Unfortunately, I just had a server with Con's patch detonate overnight
(Oops in interrupt -> panic; details in separate e-mail), and wli tells
me that there are additional places in the code that need fixing.

I notice that all previous patches had the kernel range a power of 2 in size.
Is this required somewhere? I thought it was just that the kernel
had to start at a PGD boundary (4M on normal x86, 1G on PAE).

If 128M is always enough, a split at 0xb800000 seems possible, but
giving it an extra 128M seems like a nice bit of safety for PCI devices.

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