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SubjectRe: HIGHMEM4G config for 1GB RAM on desktop?
On Fri, 06 Aug 2004 12:52:36 -0000, said:

> But if you're using PAE, you've got > 4G of RAM, so there's no need to
> be clever trying to avoid HIGHMEM options.

Poking around in arch/i386/mm/init.c finds this:

#ifdef CONFIG_X86_PAE
int nx_enabled = 0;

static void __init set_nx(void)
unsigned int v[4], l, h;

if (cpu_has_pae && (cpuid_eax(0x80000000) > 0x80000001)) {

I could certainly see somebody wanting to use the NX stuff with only 2G of RAM.....
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