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SubjectRe: PATCH: cdrecord: avoiding scsi device numbering for ide devices
On Friday 06 August 2004 22:26, Albert Cahalan wrote:
> In various emails, Joerg Schilling writes:
> > Linux users like to call cdrecord -scanbus and they like to
> > see _all_ SCSI devices from a single call to cdrecord.
> If you really think so, you've been smoking crack.

Please, no insults. I like this cdrecord -scanbus too, but I would like it
more, if it would also print pure ide devices ;)
On the other hand I usually also don't care since k3b does all this stuff for

> Users _hate_ to call "cdrecord -scanbus". They don't
> see why it should be needed. The normal reaction to
> reading your documentation goes something like this:
> "What the fuck? Can't I just give it a device name?"

Well, the usual reaction is 'cdrecord whats that? Commandline interface,
parameters? Hey, I want to burn a CD and don't like reading manpages for
stuff like that'. I guess that at least 95% of all people who would like to
burn a CD will prefer (and also use) a grahical interface.

The hole discussion which cdrecord -dev parameter to use is completely
useless, it only effects a clear minority of developers and guys who probably
don't like graphical interfaces at at all. Those guys should be able to adopt
to whatever -dev option is possible.

Please, calm down and return to usefull technical discussions.


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