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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Configure IDE probe delays
Mark Lord wrote:
> I'm the dude responsible for the infamous "50 milliseconds" here.
> I agree that (1) it is overkill, (2) it could be optimised,
> and (3) it is very very non-standard.
> But it also works extraordinarilly well. I still am very active
> with ATA and SATA driver development, and the basic Linux IDE probe
> works for me on vendor hardware where their own standards-specific
> routines sometimes fail (even in their windows drivers).
> If possible, it would be best to let it be, and over time it will
> be less and less important as SATA and kin take over the universe.

Honestly, this is what I would prefer: leave drivers/ide probing alone.
As we say in the South, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"

Long term, migrate to libata which should provide quite rapid PATA probing.

> One possibility here would be to augment it with reset signature probing,
> and/or a cyl-high read/write test. These could speed things up for
> more mainstream cases. But I'm not going to touch what's there myself!

libata already does this :)


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