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SubjectRe: Firewire hard drives
"John Stoffel" <> writes:

> Caleb> Has anyone had any luck getting there external firewire hard
> Caleb> drive to mount? my laptop is running suse9.0 and detects the
> Caleb> firewire hub and works great with my usb devices but when I
> Caleb> plug in the firewire hdd it boots the device but I can`t mount
> Caleb> it.
> I've been having problems too with these devices. I've been trying
> with a dual interface USB2.0/Firewire box with a Prolific Technology
> chipset. This is with 2.6.[678]-* kernels of various types. I can do
> a mkfs under either USB2 or Firewire connections (both ports are on
> the same Adaptec PCI card) but the firewire sides bombs out much
> quicker.

Try giving the sbp2 module the option serialize_io=1. It helped get
my firewire case running.

Måns Rullgård

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